Christmas Thank You’s

Thank You’s from the Christmas Auction, Angel Tree, and Gift to the Christ Child

A Christmas Auction Thank You

While it was cold outside, our St. Paul’s family was gathered in the warmth of our Parish Hall to enjoy food and fellowship while benefiting a worthy cause. We are very excited to announce that approximately $2800.00 was raised for the Emergency Fund. This money will make a difference for people in the community who are in need this winter season (in need of medicine, housing, electricity, natural gas, and more). We would like to extend our thanks to all of you that made this evening so special –To those who donated such incredible items— (much thought, time, money, and love went into the donations), to all who attended the auction (what a blessing to share an evening with you), to those who bought tickets, bid on items, or purchased goods, to our fellowship committee (a huge thank you for so lovingly preparing and serving a 5 star meal), to Beth Ruf and Linda Fayerweather (you are incredible auctioneers), to Dan Sachs for helping with the big board (and encouraging all to bid higher), to Leah Kenyon, Rebekah Vasquez, and Lauren Ruf for helping with set-up and showcasing live auction items, Alison Ruf and Emily Kleparek for manning the check-in table and selling tickets, to our littlest helpers Olivia, Elaine, and Berkely for helping with the Chinese Auction, and finally to David Watts for all his hard work- both before and after the auction—you are the secret elf that we don’t see. Each of you are a blessing for which we are most grateful.

May the joy and peace of the season be with you and yours this Christmas.

Norma Millen, Julie Kenyon, Carol Sachs, and Michelle Baker

Angel Tree Blessings to Many

It’s an experience to participate in Angel Tree, whether you purchase gifts for a person, a family, donate food, dollars or work on the committee. Committee members that were present on the day we distributed and delivered gifts experienced four different women in tears when they saw all they received.

We had one family hand a thank you card to one of us before they even saw what they were taking home, the card is on the board in the office hall for you to read. It’s unusual for us to receive thank you cards at any time.

One delivery gathered our angels who delivered to pray before they left the home, the first time in the 4 -5 years Bill Fayerweather has been delivering that that has ever happened. Every family this year was very thankful for all they received.

We assisted families that were caring for grandchildren, families that were overwhelmed by health issues, families that were having problems making ends meet, all who had a wonderful Christmas because of you. As one grandmother said to her grandchild, ‘Jesus brought us Christmas this year baby.’

We’d like to thank DECCA from Maumee High School for their food donations as well as their monetary contribution.

A huge thank you goes out to each and everyone of you for making this ministry such a blessing for our 22 families, which consisted of 37 adults and 47 children.

Delivery folks and committee members: Tom and Gail Mercer, Bill Fayerweather, Allison Ruf, Emily Kleparek, Ray Fidler, Candy Tavormina, Jim and Nancy Gagnet, Jane Weber, Priscilla Schwier, Marty Wendler, Emily, Ashley and Ellie Ramge, Jaimie Deye, Gloria Wagner, Deb Graham and Kathy Greene.

A Great Big Thank You !

Gift to the Christ Child was a rousing success again this year thanks to all those who took time out of the busyness of the Advent season to give of themselves to this worthwhile ministry. We were blessed with 14 folks , including our smallest elves Trevor and Berkley, who showed up to assemble and deliver these trays of joy. We also had 9 elves that made cookies, gave candy and contributed tea and cocoa to our glorious trays. It is such a joy to send our church family these trays to remind them of our love and concern during this holiday season. Thank you to all of you for your time, talent and generosity in this yearly endeavor.
This is what Advent is all about!

In His Service,
Sue Cohen * Macie Turnwald

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