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We are pleased to announce the birth of Sayyid, son of Jasmin and Taurian.  Sayyid was born on December 28 at 1:58pm.  You will remember that Jasmin and Taurian were victims of Hurricane Harvey last August in Houston, Texas. St. Paul’s provided housing after Jasmin relocated to the Toledo area.

Baby and mom are doing fine.  Please keep Sayyid, Jasmin, and Taurian in your prayers.


  • Esther Hayden Johnson and Tobias Jacob Johnson were baptized at St. Paul’s on Sunday, January 7. They are the children of Kevin and Michelle (Fronk) Johnson.


Directory Updates

Allen, Kathy (new e-mail)

Johnson, Michelle & Kevin (new members)
Children: Esther & Tobias
4648 Vallejo Drive
Toledo, OH 43615


Upcoming Flower Donations

January 7—Altar: In memory of Elsie Seymour, Irwin Nolte, Eleanor Nolte, Ernest & Dorothy Lippert and Henry Lippert by Ernie & Judy Lippert. Chancel: In memory of family members by Anne Johnson. Chancel: OPEN.

January 14—Altar: In memory of Marjorie & Calvin Wilson by Neil & Mary Jane Horn and family. Chancel: In honor of my mother, Mary DuPraw’s 98th birthday by Dennis & Kathi Granzow. Chancel: In memory of her father, Ray Greene, by Kathy Greene.

January 21—Altar: In loving memory of her daughter, Debbie Braun’s birthday by Maxine Bigley. Chancel: In thanksgiving for their five grandchildren, Sarah, William, & Emily Dodds and Walker, Weston, & Wyatt Smith by Jim & Karen Smith. Chancel: OPEN.

January 28—Altar: In loving memory of Michael & Margaret Kundracik, Virginia Rhoby, and Eddie Music by Deno & Jane Music. Chancel: OPEN. Chancel: OPEN.

February 4—Altar: In loving memory of Dan’s mother & father, Dorothy & William Sachs by Dan & Carol Sachs.  Chancel: In loving memory of her daughter Sarah’s February 6th birth anniversary by Chris Hammer. Chancel: In loving memory of Dan Barnd on his birthday by his wife, Nancy Barnd.

February 11—Altar: In loving memory of Richard B. Sandys by Zana and Erik. Chancel: In loving memory of her mother, Lennie Carmean’s birth anniversary by Phyllis Gallo.  Chancel: In celebration of their wedding anniversary by Jim & Milli Mills.

February 18—Altar: In loving memory of Ray Greene and Jan Deatrick for her birth by Kathy Greene.  Chancel: To the glory of God by the Martz family.  Chancel: OPEN.

February 25—Altar: In loving memory of Robert & Bertha Carrithers by their daughter, Susan Strauss.  Chancel: In loving memory of Trish & Kenneth Barker by Courtney Byrne.  Chancel: OPEN.

Contact Claudia Stein if you would like to fill an opening.
419-893-8866 or

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